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Oh Cluck! is a party style multiplayer card game where no egg, or chicken, is safe. Taking 30-60 minutes to play, and designed for 2-6 players, Oh Cluck! is in it’s final testing phases, and will be headed to kickstarter in January 2018!

If you want to get in on the action, and get hands on with the game before it’s release date, check for upcoming events in your area where you can assemble your coop, and battle for all out barnyard domination!


Kickstarter Stretch Goal #2: The Bigger the Rooster, the better

Today we look at the Second Stretch Goal that we’ve settled on for Oh Cluck’s pending Kickstarter. When we reach out second Stretch Goal Tier, the Deluxe Edition Roosters get supersized from Standard sized cards to oversized “Tarot” Sized Cards! Upsizing our Roosters would allow us the opportunity to take an opportunity to revisit the …

Review and Gameplay Video: Logan Chops

We are very excited to unveil the first review of Oh Cluck! to the world! The Joshua and Liz over at Logan Chops Reviews were incredibly gracious and did an awesome Review and Gameplay video for Oh Cluck! You can check out the Logan Chops Reviews on YouTube and Facebook


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