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Introducing: Fill in the Game! 

Current packaging and Cards for Fill in the Game

Designed by Bradley Boothe, and developed by Foolish Media, Fill in the Game is an interactive Party Game for 3-8 players, and can take 30 minutes – to however long you want, to play!

We are in the demo and public playtest phase. We are running demos and looking for public feedback as we get ready for Kickstarter!  If you are interested in setting up a demo at your venue or local FLGS, contact us, and we’ll work to get something set up!


Issue 14

So I wish I could I say I actually looked at that “shopping list” that Stevie gave me, but I got so distracted with everything that was going on that it slipped my mind and apparently out of my pocket. I decided to just tell him to get whatever he felt he’d need and be …

Issue 13

Fourteen hours and three layovers later we were back at the shop. The weirdest part of the trip was when we landed back in Ohio, because I could have sworn that we were followed out of the airport by a couple of guys in suits, but I couldn’t be sure so I didn’t say anything …


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