After we left, part 8

Ok, it has now been two full weeks with these disgusting asshole worgs. If I’d not been paying attention myself to the passage of days, I would have known that the time had passed when the worgs just stopped walking, dumped our asses into the sand and just walked back the direction from which we came. For a talkative bunch of shits they were uncharacteristically quiet at the end of our time together which made me wonder if they had come to hate us less than they first seemed.

We’d been seeing a mountain range all along the horizon to the south for the better part of a week and it didn’t feel like we were all that much closer at this point, but it didn’t matter. I had my mission and so we continued south. I checked the egg as I had been every day since it started to shift at my touch. All seemed well and I hoped we would get where we needed to get before this thing hatched. I didn’t know what we would do if it did. But that thought didn’t matter. The mission did.

So we walked. So far in this journey we had gone whole days at a time without talking. We went through the day through the muscle memory of having every day being the same. I’d seen death and wonder with these men and they were willing to travel with me to the end of the world on what had to appear to them as the whim of a tiny lunatic.

I can only tell them the stories I see so many times, but without their seeing and feeling what I had they could only just help keep me safe on this trek to visit what I hoped was a benevolent silver dragon somewhere over the mountains in front of us. We were closing in on our destination with every step we took and I kept avoiding what that meant. Was that the end of the journey? Was that just a stop on the way? How did it fit in everything we’d done and seen so far? I had so many more questions than answers. How were the two, now three of us expected to play a role in stopping something on what seemed to be a cosmic scale.

The lady had been giving me nightly glimpses of what lie on the far side of the mountain. In some it was a jungle peninsula and in others it was an island. I could only guess that they were from the past and the present or future but knew that I would have to set eyes on it to know for sure.

As night started to fall on our first day back on foot Gnoman spoke up.

“So there is probably gonna be snow on the mountain and it looks like we are about three days out from starting the climb. Do you have a plan for dealing with that?”

I said the only thing I could think of.

“The lady will give us what we need.”

I hoped I was right.

Shit. I needed to come up with something fast. At least I finally have something to distract me from thinking about how eventually I need to make things right for the man. The symbolism isn’t lost on me. He was just doing his job. I am just doing my job. I still feel like garbage about it.