Fill in the Game! With us!

We here at Foolish Media are pleased to announce that we have launched a series of videos that will show you the ins and outs of playing Fill in the Game!

Each week, over on facebook, we will be posting a picture of a new card, and card type from the game, and we are looking for you to Fill in the Game! Send us your suggestions on how you would challenge a friend to play the game, and may we will include it in the next video!

We have recorded 2 videos so far in the series. The First video, featuring Chad and his assistant Kez, can be found here. The first video featurings a Green / Easy Challenge from the Challenge Deck, and the latest video (available here)  features 3 of the 4 fools, and one Greek Goddess showing how medium challenges will work!

Next, we will have a hard challenge video, where we show you how to use Stunt Cards, and then a video on Game Changers, and then we will finish up with a couple of videos of turns / games being played to give you an idea of how this all comes together!

Stay Tuned!

Con on the Cob, The Wrap Up.

Jeff and Ray, Posing with our awards

Con on the Cob has come, and sadly gone, for 2018.

We fools (and honorary fool Brad) would like to take a moment to thank each and every Attendee who stopped by the booth, demo tables, or clucked around in our Dungeons and Dragons One Shot. We met new friends, reconnected with old friends, and had an absolute amazing time. A bird may not have the time to fart, But fools do! (thank you Andy, Chad can’t get that out of his head.)
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