Origins, 2018, the Post Show Wrapup

…And Origins is a wrap! It was a great show, and we are ecstatic with how well the show went for us.

Between the demos we ran, the connections we made, and the Kickstarter backers we were able to meet when they picked up their loot, this was a dream come true.

Here are some of the images we were able to get from the event.

Day 1, The booth is setup and ready
Day 1. The booth is setup, and ready.
Our second Banner and table Covering Arrived
We added a little more swag to the booth. Say hi to our Neighbor, Henry!
The resident Foolish Rooster
The Foolish Rooster showed up on Day 2.
Lauren the Cluck Master
Lauren, The Cluck Master, defeated all 4 Fools, handily at that.
Ken St. Andre creator of Tunnels and Trolls
The Fools met one of their Heroes, Ken St Andre, Creator of Tunnels and Trolls.
Raymond, with his mother, while demoing the game.
Raymond gives a very special Demo of Oh Cluck!
Columbus Pride Coincides with Origins, we are supporters
Saturday was Pride in Columbus, and we were proud to show our support
Christine Lapp, Pinebox Entertainment, and Inspiration for Chick-A-Corn
Christine Lapp, The inspiration for the Chick-a-Corn, stopped by for a photo!
The Foolish Rooster Ate Chicken
The Foolish Media Rooster momentarily protested the slaughter of other Chickens. Then ate it anyway
Nick Hafer, Link Cosplay, Oh Cluck Booth
Link found our Booth. The Resident Rooster feared for his life. Thanks, Nick!
Ken St. Andre plays Oh Cluck!
Ken St Andre, and his Son stopped by to learn to play Oh Cluck!
Kez, Chad, Allyson Brooks, Meddling Kids RPG
Kez and Chad meet Allyson Brooks creator of the Meddling Kids RPG
Jeff Bookman, The Resident Foolish Rooster
The Foolish Rooster went on an Adventure Sunday!
Jeff Bookman, Posing as Schwartz.
The Foolish Rooster showed that he can be just as Strong as Arnold.
Foolish Rooster in front of North Market
The Foolish Rooster was so excited to see another Rooster!
Jeff Bookman using the interactive Exhibit
Have you seen this Rooster?
Jeff bookman, the Foolish Rooster
The Foolish Rooster as Roadkill
No one wanted to leave Origins.
All Good things come to an end, and alas… So did Origins.

While Origins is over, that’s not the end of the story for Oh Cluck!, or Foolish Media!. On top of all of the demos we ran, we spent a significant portion of our time meeting other businesses, and working on new and exciting partnerships.

Stay tuned, great things are coming!

Do you have a picture of Foolish Media / Oh Cluck! from Origins and want to share it? Send it to us, and we’ll add you, and your photo to our gallery! 

Kickstarter: FUNDED! You did it!

Balut is super happy that he gets to join the world!


Thank you, to all 51 of our backers.
Thank you, to our friends.
Thank you, to everyone we have met along the way.

The Oh Cluck! Kickstarter has completed, and we have funded. Now starts the work of getting things all ready to go, so that we can bring you this game by July 2018.

We don’t know what else to say. Thank you. If you are a backer, your backer survey will be on it’s way to the email address that you have associated with your Kickstarter Account very soon.

Faberge Backers Your survey has information about getting your custom Rooster Done, don’t forget to get that filled out!

Design Diary: The Anatomy of a… “Rooster”?

Now that is a bizarre looking Rooster. Meet the Farmer!

Welcome to another Design Diary! Today’s Design Diary focuses on Roosters, and we’re going to use a very special Rooster as the Preview. Meet the Farmer! The Farmer is one of the “Roosters” from the Eggspansion, and is a very special Addition to the game. His farm’s barnyard is the epicenter for our brawl.

When we design a Rooster, we try REALLY hard to come at each Rooster from a thematic sense. Name, or what the Rooster is, has come first more often than not, and the ability is themed accordingly.

With this Rooster, we looked at trying to think of a Farmer just trying to do his farming chores while his crazy Roosters are staging a brawl! So, what does a chicken farmer do? He collects his eggs.

When thinking about the relative toughness of a Rooster, 3 feathers is the minimum (for non canned Roosters). The farmer, being a little stronger than your average Rooster comes in at a 4. We could have given him more feathers, but then we would have wanted to tone down the ability, to make sure that he wasn’t a giant wall that allowed the wielder of the farmer to just waltz to a win.

We kept his eggs low, to make sure that he wasn’t going to get the “Take A Dive” treatment, and make for a not fun play experience. We didn’t want him to have zero eggs, because then it felt more like an annoyance to have to engage him than anything else.

48 Hours left to back Oh Cluck! on Kickstarter

Maybe it's best if you let the dog sleep, right?

We’ve just crossed over the 48 hour threshold! We are now less than 2 days away from the end of the Campaign, and we’re very thankful for each and every backer.

Today, I bring you another Design Diary installment, focusing on the Party Fowl “Sleeping Dogs Lie” from Oh Cluck, The Eggspansion!

When we set out to design party fowls, we have a couple of “guidelines” we try and stick to.

1.) They enter play, and either attach to, or replace / become your Rooster
2.) They will get scored in someone’s Egg Basket (even when worth no eggs) , meaning that they are only seen once per game.

So when looking for parts of the year to highlight in the Eggspansion, we thought about the Dog Days of Summer.

We went through a couple of iterations of the card, until we settled on this. With 1 Feather, Sleeping Dogs Lie only affords a thin layer of protection for your Rooster (unless you’ve got dodges). Once the Party Fowl takes a damage, the person who damaged it scores it in their victory pile, and the effect ends.

But, while Sleeping Dogs Lie is attached to your Rooster, enemies may think twice about trying to mess with you!

3 days left to back Oh Cluck! on Kickstarter!

Eggbert sporting his Tarot Size, and 2 new cards from Eggspansion

Good News Everyone!
Ray has completed all of the Art for the Eggspansion! We’re really proud of all the artwork that he has put together for this game!

In the Faberge’ and Carton of Awesome versions of Oh Cluck!, we have talked about Tarot Card Sized Roosters. Mr. Eggbert is here to show off this fancy size for the Roosters. The size difference you seen above is really accurate.

This will make the Roosters really stand out on the table, and definitely makes playing the game with bigger groups a more positive experience.

800 Feathers, and Trick or Treat are a couple of the new pieces of Art for the Eggspansion!

Stay tuned as we close in on the end of the campaign! We’re going to finish spoiling the Eggspansion for you, and may throw a few more surprises at you!

The Ides of March are Upon Us.

Everyone gets stabby with the Chicken Caaesar

It’s the Ides of March, which means there are plots afoot!

For those who haven’t figured it out, Oh Cluck; the Eggspansion!, is loosely themed around “holidays”, and other notable events throughout the year. As we started working through ideas for Holidays, and how to incorporate the Roosters into them, Ray (our super awesome, amazing artist) said:

“I want to do a Chicken Caesar!” 

Ray Warren Original Sketch for Ides of March

We all thought it was a great idea for a piece of art, and we started working through ideas for an Ides of March card. We tossed around a couple of Rooster ideas, but then as we started working deeper on the design ideas for the Eggspansion, a “stacking attack” was floated, and it seemed like the obvious place to put something like that, was on the Ides of March.

We love the way it turned out, and can’t wait for you to get a chance to play with it!

Our Fully Funded Kickstarter has just over a week left, so you still have a chance to get your copy!

Kickstarter News, and Card Previews!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to all of our backers so far, the Oh Cluck! Kickstarter Campaign is nearing the halfway point, and we are about halfway funded!

So far, we have two Stretch Goals unlocked:

Sucker Punch, the Instagram Social Stretch Goal

Sucker Punch, our Instagram Stretch Goal, has been unlocked at the first tier. (readers of the site may have seen this already)

Tyler, our super secret Party Fowl

And, since we achieved 25 backers on Kickstarter, every backer gets a copy of Tyler, our Promo Party Fowl. This is pretty serious, since we have kept Tyler pretty close to the vest, and only given him to people who have met a Fool out and about.

A host of new cards from the Eggspansion!

We have also had Ray hard at work finishing up the rest of the art for the Eggspansion! Here are a couple of the new cards, as well as the new art for an old card: Kung Pow!

With 17 days in the campaign there is still plenty of time to back the game, and get in on the Barnyard Brawl for it All!

Kickstarter News! 25% Funded, and a Stretch Goal!

Well thank you guys for being awesome! We have now crossed 25% funding, as well as our first Social Stretch Goal, with 75 Followers on Instagram.

Everyone who backs the campaign will now get 1 copy of Sucker Punch!

Sucker Punch! A Promo Attack card for Oh Cluck!

There are still 3 more levels of that stretch goal to go, potentially pushing the number of Sucker Punches Backers can receive to 4.

And, we are closing in on 25 backers here on Kickstarter, which will trigger Everyone getting a copy of Tyler, our Promo Party Fowl.

Thanks again everyone, for working with us so far to make a great campaign. As an added bonus, Here are two preview images of cards from the Eggspansion, Available through the Kickstarter!

An Attack, Rooster, and Party Fowl from the Eggspansion Two new Attack cards from the Eggspansion