Kickstarter State of the Campaign: 2.5.18

We're going to relaunch the campaign.


Dear Backers, and Community,

Thank you to everyone who has backed our campaign, and to everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback regarding what you would like to see from this campaign. We’ve been listening, taking notes, and learning.

With all of this in mind, we will be closing this campaign later today, and relaunching an updated campaign on February 20th, 2018. As we move forward, we will make sure to update you across our website, social media, and especially, through here.

Why the relaunch? Well, we’ve realized a few things.

1.) We have reassessed our plan, and have arrived at a goal that gets the game into our backer’s hands in a timely manner.

2.) The biggest point our reviewers brought up to us, was that the game could use more cards. So, in the new campaign, the game will just “be” 108 cards to start, and the Eggspanion will be a backable purchase, not a lofty stretch goal.

3.) The Product. We have found  a way to make some of our backer levels are awesome. We’re talking about serious “deluxe”, and Kickstarter Exclusive offerings, as well as making the $250.00 level more than just a custom Rooster. It’s going to be the best version of the game that we can bring you.

4.) Stretch Goals. With the Eggspansion now something you can buy from the get go, expect to see a new stretch goal to start, and we are going to have several Social Stretch goals as well.

Thanks again, for backing the game and for being a part of this experience. On February 20th, you’re going to be able to take part in a great new campaign, that offers more to the backer. We hope to see you there.

The Web and Media Fool.

Everything Board Games: Review / Preview

EverythingBoardsGames.Com Logo‘s Review / Preview Of Oh Cluck! is in. Thank you to their Reviewer, Delton Perez, for taking the time to give us his feedback! Delton writes:

“Oh Cluck! is a lighter game that can be played with the family and young (8+) children who will enjoy it. With light banter, lots of interaction between the players, and not a lot of text, people will be willing to replay this game repeatedly. Very easy to learn, with bright and colorful artwork, this will catch people’s eyes as they walk by and see it being played.”

Thanks a ton! If you would like to check out Everythingboardgames, you can find them in the following places:

The Web



And don’t forget, the Kickstarter is Live!

Kickstarter Funding Update: 2.1.18

Deluxe Edition card Preview #1

Deluxe Edition card Preview #2

To all of our Backers, Hello and thank you! We are now at 30% funding, and that means it is time for Art Previews!

Today I bring you 4 cards from the “Deluxe” Edition of Oh Cluck!. These cards are part of what brings the card count from 91 to 108. Also, these cards all work to push the design of Oh Cluck! to be a little more strategic.

Roundhouse: an attack that hits all the Roosters! That’s right, this Attack may feel small in size, but the potential is amazing. Just… Make sure to be prepared for Dodges!

The Egg: So, what came first? The Egg is trying to make a case that it came first. A Counter to Counter your card being canceled. It’s a mouthful! But, it’s also a pretty handy we think.

Kevin: We have a few cards now that allow you to interact with the Free Range Roosters, and Kevin becomes the first to allow you to pick a Rooster of your Choice from the Free Range! Sitting at a less than healthy number of Feathers? Swap him out, and get a fresh new Rooster!

The Best Defence: This Dodge packs a punch! This Dodge is sure to be a game changer.

Also, we would like to announce a rather significant change in our Stretch Goals! If we reach $11,000.00 in Funding, the Eggspansion will no longer be an Add On that you can purchase, You just “get it”, for free.

That’s right, if you’ve backed at the $20.00 (Basic Edition) or more level of funding, you will receive a copy of Oh Cluck! The Eggspansion with your Kickstarter Fulfillment.

To Back the Kickstarter, Click Here!

Kickstarter Funding update: 1.29.18

15% Funding. Pushing towards our goal>

We here at Foolish Media want to thank everyone who has backed us this early in the campaign! We appreciate you, and pleased with how things are going.

We’d also like to tell you that once we reach 25% funding, We are going to preview some artwork from the 17 cards included in the Deluxe edition that aren’t found in the Standard Edition!

Kickstarter is Live!

Ray brings us a digitally Painted Crazy Eyed Rooster for your enjoyment

We are live on Kickstarter!

Oh Cluck!, our “plucky little card game” about a barnyard brawl is running on Kickstarter.

We are very excited at the reception we’ve had to the game. It means a great deal to us that the likes of Logan Chops, TableTop Addicts, Smart Gaming Co, And Unfiltered Gamer, have all had great things to say about our game. We were stunned when Ms. Nickoloff from, wrote a fantastic piece about our Game, Kickstarter, and Company.

The bottom line? We love this game, and we are pretty excited that we are on Kickstarter, working hard to bring this game to the public.

Today’s Featured Image is a yet to be utilized Digital Painting that Raymond did. We love it, and are sure it will find a home in the game. As we move forward, please know that we haven’t stopped working. We’re  working on the final designs for our packaging, fine tuning assets for the Eggspansion, and doing everything in our power to make sure that we are ready to meet our June 2018 delivery date!

Kickstarter in 2 Days!

D, Chad, Jeff, And Ray, the Foolish Roosters at Foolish MediaIt’s happening, it’s really, really, finally, happening. On January 25th 2018, at 12:00 PM EST, Oh Cluck! launches to Kickstarter!

From the 4 of us here at Foolish Media, we’d like to give a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped us along the way, whether it was at a playtest / demo day, Con on the Cob, in the groups we’ve found online, our reviewers, and everyone who we’ve met that doesn’t fall into that category.


We wouldn’t be here right now, getting ready to launch this crazy card game to the world without you.

With that being said, enjoy this digital Painting by the best artist we could ever have hoped to work with, Raymond Warren of the 4 of us.

Smart Gaming Company Reviews: Oh Cluck!

Smart Gaming Company Logo

Thanks to the Great people over at Smart Gaming CO for taking the time to review Oh Cluck!

We were most excited that they gave us the following praise:
“I would recommend this game to anyone who loves other “take that” style card games such as OrganATTACK! and Exploding Kittens are bound to enjoy Oh Cluck!, because it has its own unique flare on the “take that” style of game play.”

If you would like to check out the Smart Gaming Co, You can find them around the web at the following places:

The Smart Gaming Co Website

The Smart Gaming Co Facebook

Tabletop Addicts Reviewed Oh Cluck!

Tabletop Addicts Logo, they reviewed Oh Cluck!

We have received another review! Thanks to Cody over at Tabletop Addicts for taking the time to review the game.

Tabletop Addicts said:
“The game is quick to teach and quick to play. It is a perfect lunch break or party opener. I really like the art style and some of the humor is spot on.”

We here at Foolish Media agree. This is exactly what we were shooting for with Oh Cluck! Fun, quick and easy to learn game that you can play with your friends, family, or even sit down at a shop as an ice breaker.

Thanks Cody!
If you would like more information about Tabletop Addicts, you can check them out at the following locations:

Tabletop Addicts Site 
Tabletop Addicts on Facebook

Kickstarter Stretch Goal #2: The Bigger the Rooster, the better

Oh Cluck Card Backs

Today we look at the Second Stretch Goal that we’ve settled on for Oh Cluck’s pending Kickstarter.

When we reach out second Stretch Goal Tier, the Deluxe Edition Roosters get supersized from Standard sized cards to oversized “Tarot” Sized Cards!

Upsizing our Roosters would allow us the opportunity to take an opportunity to revisit the Rooster cards, with the possibility of adding flavor text, adjusting the size of existing text, and eggs, and imagery, to make the Rooster Cards feel truly unique, and flavorful.

Stay tuned, as we give you more updates related to the Kickstarter!