Kickstarter Stretch Goal #1: The Eggspansion (Expansion)

With our Kickstarter very close, I wanted to take some time, and let you know some of the plans we have for stretch goals!

Stretch Goal #1: A Holiday themed Eggstravaganza! That’s right! The first Stretch Goal will be a 54 Card Holiday Themed Eggspansion, With our good buddy Santa Claws, as well as a fully fleshed out version of this guy:

The Turducken! A Rooster from the Eggstravaganza Eggspansion!
We’re going to bring you More Roosters, Attacks, Dodges, Counters, Specials, and yes! Even Party Fowls, all themed for the holidays of the year. And no, we’re not just sticking to the big ones, We’re digging deep, and planning to put out the best content that we can muster for you.

The plan is for the Stretch Goal to unlock purchase of the Eggspansion at a discounted price for backers to add on, without needing to pay full retail.

Stay tuned, as we give you even more information related to the Long Awaited Kickstarter Release!

Kickstarter Launch is Official! January 25th, 2018

Our Kickstarter Campaign is Official! January 25th
Grab your Tailfeathers, and hang on!
No, the sky is not falling.
Oh Cluck! will be launching to Kickstarter on January 25th, 2018!

That’s Right! We here at Foolish Media are excited to announce that on January 25th, 2018, you will finally have a chance to back this game, and get your hands on the Barnyard Brawl for it all, Oh Cluck!

Over the next two weeks, we will be begin to give you an idea of what Stretch Goals we have planned, and what we need to do to make this all come together.

Stay tuned, it only gets more exciting from here!

2018, and the upcoming Kickstarter!

A Digital painting of our Good Buddy Tyler, from our Favorite Artist, Ray Warren

Happy New Year!

Well it’s January 2018, and that means that our Kickstarter is Coming SOON. I wish I could be more specific than that, but we are busting our tailfeathers to get this thing as ready as possible.

In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of how you can keep in contact with us.

You’re here, obviously. Keep coming here. I like it when you come here. But, you can also check our:
We post almost every single day to FB.
Slightly less often with the posting, but everyone loves Rooster Pics, and it’s a GREAT WAY to get to look at more of Ray’s Art.
So, I’ll be honest, we are on Twitter, but we haven’t really started using Twitter to its fullest potential yet. As we get moving on the Kickstarter, there will be more content pushed to Kickstarter.
Our Official Home on the BGG. We are looking at doing some BGG exclusive “things” as we head towards the kickstarter, and during the kickstarter.

We may even do “Social Unlock” Stretch Goals, so stay tuned!

The Art of Oh Cluck!, and a preview.

The art of Oh Cluck! was quite a hit at Con on the Cob, a true testament to the love and passion Ray has for bringing our games to life. If you’re curious how Ray has created our Roosters, stick around. If you don’t care, you’re going to miss out on a preview.

Step 1: Lets get the idea on paper
Everything starts with paper and pencil for Ray. First sketch of Seth, a Stretch Goal in the Kickstarter Campaign

After Ray is comfortable with the feel of a sketch, it’s on to;

Step 2: Get that sketch into Illustrator
Even if it’s just a photograph of the artwork and not a scan, it gets imported into Illustrator, where Ray defines the lines.

Seth, imported into Illustrator, and inked. His form has been finalized and defined

After Ray has the art to this point, the rest is Coloring, and applying card templating

Step 3: Make that Rooster Crow!
After applying a background and color to the rooster, they find their final home inside the template of a card. This includes adding the color cutout, name, text, as well as any feathers and eggs that the card may require.

Ray, putting the final touches on a card in Illustrator.

Meet Seth!
Some of you may be staring at Seth, and then looking through your Bootleg Editions of Oh Cluck! wondering where he is!

Well, Seth is not there. But fear not! You can own Seth soon! Seth is part of our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign as a stretch goal.

We are live on Board Game Geek!

Oh Cluck! Logo. The official logo for the Card Game developed and published by Foolish Media LLC

Foolish Media is proud to announce that Oh Cluck! is now alive and cluckin’ in the Board Game Geek Database!

Check us out, here.  We will be working to keep the game as up to date as possible through this process, and interacting with people on our forums over there.

If you are unfamiliar with Board Game Geek, it is the largest online DB of games, and gaming on the net. Their database offers you the ability to track games that you own, play, and even create a wishlist of what you want to own. There are ways to trade games, buy games, and so much more. I highly recommend signing up for an account if you don’t have one. The account is free, and there are a million things you can do with it.

If you own a copy of Oh Cluck!, and want to rate your enjoyment of the game BGG, you can do that here.

If you own a copy of Oh Cluck!, and want to leave a more detailed review of what you think of the game, you can do that here.

If you just want another place where you can talk about Oh Cluck! specifically, you can check out the forums for Oh Cluck! here, as well.