Meet the Roosters: Roadkill

Roadkill, is a Rooster you can use to dominate your opponents in Oh Cluck!, the debut game from Foolish Media

Name: Roadkill (Sometimes called Bernie)
Fighting Style: Depends on if “taking a pounding” is actually a style

Nobody seems to know if Roadkill is a legitimate competitor in the competition, but he has been around the barnyard since before it began and pretty much in the exact same spot. His trademark style of being a punching bag has gotten everyone’s attention though. He has somehow gotten close to victory on multiple times just by his opponents wearing themselves out. All those matches they ended in a tie, so his style may not be 100% successful.

The flies and the smell don’t seem to bother most folks and the tire track up his abdomen gives him some character. Turns out he’s also quite a hit with the ladies, which is a little weird. In the end though the thing to remember is that some folks were made to dish out beatings and some folks were built to take them and Roadkill is the champion of getting the stuffing kicked out of himself and still being as fresh at the end of a fight as he was at the beginning. We wish him the best.

Meet the Roosters: Blue

Blue, one of the Roosters you can use for barnyard domination in Oh Cluck!

Name: Blue, (AKA B, dubbed by the Roosters)
Fighting Style: Okichitaw

Blue, a wild young buffalo from the neighboring free range, has taken great interest in the brawl that has consumed the barnyard. Originally, just a fan of watching the spectacle, He was roped into the fight when Clubber decided he needed a harder opponent, and spotted Blue on the sidelines.

Blue doesn’t want to fight the roosters, but Clubber’s insistence on calling him “Cheesy Mode” has left him with a desire to server Clubber the comeuppance he feels he deserves.

Meet the Roosters: Eggbert

Eggbert is the smartest Rooster to be found in Oh Cluck! The debut game from Foolish media LLC

Name: Eggbert (“NERD!!”)
Fighting Style: Krav Ba-Caw

Raised on the mean streets of the chosen ones, Eggbert is no stranger to violence. Being smaller than all the other Roosters meant that Eggbert needed to learn early and often how to protect himself and he set his beautiful mind to the task.

Employing some of Albert Eggstein’s theories, on Chicken Relativity, he knows that E=MC2 really just means that he is easily an equal to any of the other musclebound jerks in the competition.

He welcomes the challenge of competition and was last seen looking for Monster when he showed up in the barnyard of picking a fight with the biggest opponent. We hope he’s OK.

Meet The Roosters: Peetah

Peatah, One of the Roosters From Oh Cluck! The debut game from Foolish Media LLC

Name: Peatah (real Name: Kirk Newcheck)
Fighting Style: Social Justice, Specializing in the Keyboard Warrior Style

Peatah comes from old henhouse money. Even at an early age he knew that he was destined for something greater or at the very least a participation trophy. Though he may be one of the least experienced fighters in the barnyard, he believes that his convictions will carry him to victory. After the dust settles, he knows that he can draw attention to the atrocities being carried out against the “unborn” and that they are being used as prize in this atrocious blood sport.

Should he stand tall in the end, he plans to raise all the chicks as his own. Unless of course, he has to face a hen in competition, as his upbringing will prevent him from striking them. Choosing a warrior’s path was not an easy one. Kung Pow has been seen eyeing him with nothing but contempt since his arrival. Signs arguing against the event being carried by Peatah may have something to do with it.

Meet The Roosters: Monster

Monster, the biggest Rooster you've ever laid eyes on!

Name: Monster
Fighting Style:  Stomping, Smashing, Utter Destruction.

Monster was the littlest chick that had ever been born. Thinking he wasn’t long for this world, the farmer took him to the barn, and started giving him some experimental feed.  A few days later, The barn was leveled, and it took a a small army to contain the… “Little” guy.

I saw Peatah try and whack him with that sign of his once. Poor fool looked like he’d been plucked clean for dinner after the stompin’ Monster gave him.

Meet the Roosters: Salmonella

Salmonella, A rooster from the Party Game Oh Cluck!

Name: Salmonella (Sal)
Fighting Style:  Shaolin Kung Fu, Specializing in Wu Du Shou (The Hand of Five Poisons)

We call him Sal for short. No one knows what his real name, just that he blew in to the barnyard a couple weeks back nursing a busted wing, and looking for a chance at “redemption”.

It’s hard to get the drop on Sal. Word is, Pollo Loco went right for his Nuggets in a brawl a few days back, and before anyone knew what had happened, Ol’ Loco was facedown in the dust, a little worse for wear.