Gozer, The Bone Sculptor is available for download!

Gozer, the Bone Sculptor, the first of many D&D monsters to comeDo you have a Dungeons & Dragons game, and are looking for a Boss to toss in the mix? Do you think that it would be awesome if some of D&D’s most iconic monsters were there to give your low level parties some iconic monsters to find?

Look no further, than Foolish Media’s first Monster! Gozer, the Bone Sculptor, is a “Gazer” type Beholder monster, designed on the 2 Fools Rushing Podcast #177 “2 Fools and the campaign Preparation” .

You can listen to the episode, and check out just how we came up with this guy over on the podcast page, and you can now download Gozer the Bone Sculptor (FOR FREE!) right here.

A special thanks, and shout out to Natural Crit, and their awesome homebrew template!

Happy Cyber Monday!

Seth, the Most technologically advanced Rooster known to man.

The Fools want to wish everyone a day of happy deal hunting as you embark upon your Cyber Monday endeavors! May the deals be plentiful, the shipping be free, and the product be in stock!

We’re working hard prepping for the Kickstarter campaign for Oh Cluck! and hope to share more news with you soon!

The Foolish Media mobile Icon!

The Foolish Media LLC Logo with black background.

With more and more digital content being consumed on a Mobile device, we here at Foolish Media wanted to make sure you could keep up with us at the press of a button.

Introducing the Foolish Media Icon! You can now use your Mobile Device’s browser to add a bookmark to our site (or any page on our site) to your device, complete with an App Style Icon.

Screenshot of the icon on an Android Device

If you are unsure how to generate the icon, it’s pretty simple!

From Google Chrome, you will tap the 3 buttons in the top right, and then simply select “Add to Home Screen”

From Safari, tap the tray at the bottom of the browser to open your sharing options, and click “Add to Home Screen”

Other Browsers may be slightly different, but they will all have the “Add to Home Screen” Functionality near the normal bookmarks.

Once you have tapped the Add to Home Screen, You’ll need to edit the “title” of the Icon, because for some reason, they want to give you the name of the site, AND the tagline for the site. I recommend just chopping it down to Foolish Media, Unless, you are planning on grabbing the new up and coming Game FAQ (what!? an announcement inside another announcement?), then maybe you want to name it “Oh Cluck FAQ” or something similar.

Anyway, thanks for adding us to your mobile life!

Meet the Roosters: Foxy

Foxy is a misunderstood and refined gentleman just looking for a fresh breakfast.

Name: Renard
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Renard has been trying to steal the eggs from the Barnyard for years. When the Brawl was announced, he pounced at the opportunity to win the eggs, while humiliating the Roosters.

Most of the Roosters are furious that Commodore allowed Renard to compete, arguing that someone is going to end up dead because of it. Renard seems to be ambivalent to the brewing controversy, preferring to wax poetic about a romantic tryst.