Con on the Cob 2017: A Wrap-Up

What a Weekend! 

Con on the Cob 2017 is now officially in the books, but we wanted to tell you about the weekend!

First, Thank you to every single person who stopped by the booth, and checked out the demo. Even if the game wasn’t your thing, we were very happy to hear from you.

Here are a few of our very happy Demo Players after their wins.

Con on the Cob player, Victoria, after winning her first game of Cluck!

Demo player Rice celebrating the moment when he beat his father, Chad, and Ray in Oh ClucK!

Second, I would like to thank every single person who liked the game enough to buy the “Bootleg Edition”.

Con on the Cob saw the debut of the limited print run "Bootleg Edition" of the Party Game Oh Cluck!

Thank you to the Con on the Cob staff, for the treatment we received! We started out at booth A09 in the Artitorium, but on Saturday, we were able to move into the Mother of All Marketplaces!

Our Booth in the Artitorium, Con on the Cob 2017
Our Booth in the Artitorium, Con on the Cob 2017
Our upgraded accommodations inside the mother of all marketplaces, Con on the Cob 2017
Gus graciously upgraded our accommodations

Finally, I would just like to thank every single person who helped us make this successful!  Gus and Andy  From Con on the Cob. Heather Kreiter from My Little Demon who was the Art Director, and helped us with our back panels, and tips.

And, I’m going to close out by telling you all that you should check out the following people:

White Rabbit Workroom: Zora Patton
She was our Neighbor in the Artitorium, and a truly gifted artist. Check out her wares.

Shelly Loke-Gayares
Another fantastic artist, who ended up being our neighbor inside the Mother of All Marketplaces

Black Heart Decals
Another one of our vendor neighbors in the Mother of All Marketplaces. A great group of artists selling decals, earrings, keychains, hairbows, and more!

Gerald King III
From Ultimate Team Up Events, an Ohio based Game Design group, working to make sure that Ohio based designers have ways to interact, and find each other.

For our first Con, it was great. Thank you to everyone who helped, stopped by, supported us, and talked to us. We’re heading to Kickstarter in January 2018, and from there, the only thing we have on the schedule is Origins Game Fair in June 2018. If we’re able to sneak in more events, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Sunday afternoon after a long Con, the guys pause and enjoy the scenery
Sunday Afternoon. Can you tell we’re tired?