Con on the Cob, The Wrap Up.

Jeff and Ray, Posing with our awards

Con on the Cob has come, and sadly gone, for 2018.

We fools (and honorary fool Brad) would like to take a moment to thank each and every Attendee who stopped by the booth, demo tables, or clucked around in our Dungeons and Dragons One Shot. We met new friends, reconnected with old friends, and had an absolute amazing time. A bird may not have the time to fart, But fools do! (thank you Andy, Chad can’t get that out of his head.)

Con on the Cob left the Fools full of Food, friends, and memories.

Across all four days we demoed (and received awesome feedback) our newest game, Fill in the Game. Each player (test subject?) that demoed and filled out the survey, got handed a shiny “Coin on the Cob”, the Con’s own currency.  By Friday evening, we were able to make several tweaks, that made a noticeable impact on the game. Thanks to everyone who took the time to demo and fill out a survey. You impacted the game!

Fill in the Game, with Coins on the Cob

Oh Cluck! was also available for demo, and purchase in the Mother of all Marketplaces. Ray the Fool is still the hardest Fool to beat! The Oh Cluck! highlight of the weekend  was the group of people having a barnyard brawl right next to our Dungeons and Dragons tables Saturday night!

The Foolish Media Booth, Open and ready for business.

Friday night found the fools kicking back, enjoying a performance by 2D6, the nerdiest  rap group that has ever been. The live show is amazing.  Brad had Cliff, from 2D6 play a demo of Fill in the Game early in the day, and he gave us a shout out!

The resident rooster was acosted by a Dinosaur

Saturday afternoon brought the Iron Artist competition, with Chad the fool’s  functioning Fairy Chicken (yes, it’s a thing) Puppet bringing him the victory.

Chad's Fully Functional Rooster Puppet from Iron Artist

Saturday night brought the appearance of “Gozer, the Bone Sculptor”, and a built at the Con (and illustrated by Ray the Fool at the con) Con on the Cob Monster: The COBBLER! 8 players, across  two tables, playing random characters, started in a corn field (which one group decided to burn down?), made it to a cemetery, marched  into a crypt, and encountered the Cobbler first, and then our pal Gozer.

Gozer, the Bone Sculptor, and The Cobbler!

Sunday brought the end of the con, and the final awards. We here at Foolish Media are truly humbled to walk away from Con on the Cob with a pair of “Corny Awards”. Foolish Media took home “Off the Cob Vendor”, and Chad snagged one for his “Iron Artist” win. We would like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who was a part of us being the recipient of the “Off the Cob Vendor” award. Seriously, I don’t think a single fool saw that coming.

Finally, we here at Foolish Media would also like to take a moment, and personally thank the following people:

Andy Hopp (Motha Oith Creations). Andy puts on Con on the Cob every year, and he is nothing short of an amazing host, MC, party planner, and all around seriously good dude.
Heather Kreiter (My Little Demon): Heather is 100% responsible for Foolish Media being at Con on the Cob. As we started this company, looking for a con to dip a toe in, she highly recommended Con on the Cob, and she was absolutely right.
Gaston Gossellin. “Gus” Gus runs  the ‘Mother of all Marketplaces’, and does a great job. Over the past two years, I think it’s safe to say that Gus is a friend of all fools.
The staff I’m sorry that I don’t remember all of your names. You were truly amazing and helpful throughout the entire con.
The attendees You make Con on the Cob the type of event that we look forward to coming to. Thank you all. Even the ones we didn’t get to interact with. You guys are great.