Fill in the Game! With us!

We here at Foolish Media are pleased to announce that we have launched a series of videos that will show you the ins and outs of playing Fill in the Game!

Each week, over on facebook, we will be posting a picture of a new card, and card type from the game, and we are looking for you to Fill in the Game! Send us your suggestions on how you would challenge a friend to play the game, and may we will include it in the next video!

We have recorded 2 videos so far in the series. The First video, featuring Chad and his assistant Kez, can be found here. The first video featurings a Green / Easy Challenge from the Challenge Deck, and the latest video (available here)  features 3 of the 4 fools, and one Greek Goddess showing how medium challenges will work!

Next, we will have a hard challenge video, where we show you how to use Stunt Cards, and then a video on Game Changers, and then we will finish up with a couple of videos of turns / games being played to give you an idea of how this all comes together!

Stay Tuned!