Fill in the Game

Fill in the Game, the New Party Game from Foolish media

We are proud to announce the newest game from Foolish Media, Fill in the Game!

Designed by Bradley Boothe, in collaboration with Foolish Media, Fill in the Game is the party game for everyone. Playing with teenagers? Fill in the Game has a space for you. Playing with your buddies, and enjoying some beverages? Fill in the Game has a space for you. Playing with the church group? Fill in the Game has a space for you!

In this Party Game, you’ll task the other players to complete challenges, build new rules for the game, all while trying to bring mayhem to the table with Game Changers. Complete the challenges and you’ll reap the rewards. Fail the task, and your opponent is one step closer to winning the game.

Fill in the Game is best suited for groups of 3 to 8 Players, ages 13 and up, and can take 30 minutes up to however long you want.

Come meet us, and play Fill in the Game, at Con on the Cob, November 8th – 11th in Richfield Ohio!

Enjoy a preview of what the game packaging, and cards will look like:

Fill in the Game packaging and cards