Fodder Inc, The Beginning

Welcome to Fodder Inc, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired weekly web comic strip, focused on Gop the Goblin, and his co-workers in the dungeon.

If you are new to the strip, this is the perfect place to start!

Gop the Goblin, starting his adventure in the web Comic, Fodder INC!
Meet Gop, the Goblin, and follow his hijinks as he becomes an employee of Fodder Inc, a middling Dungeon Management Company!
Gop Arrives in the lobby of Fodder Inc for his interview
Fodder Inc Strip 2
Gop meets the head of HR, who has a few papers that need signed
Fodder Inc, Strip 3
Gop makes a new friend, and learns about the dungeon
Fodder Inc #4
Gop and Kevin run into a few other employees
Fodder Inc Strip 5

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