Fodder Inc, Chapter 2 (6-11)

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Fodder Inc, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired weekly web comic strip, focused on Gop the Goblin, and his co-workers in the dungeon.

Gop and Kevin meet a few adventurers
Fodder Inc, #6
Mr Gbast has a heart to heart with Daryl
It’s time to meet the CEO / President / Owner of Fodder INC!
Gop and Kevin are about to get a visit from Kittie!
a “coworker” sneaks up on Gop and Kevin
Kittie loves Kevin!
Fodder Inc #9, Kittie Loves Kevin
Gop enacts the emergency plan to save Kevin
Fodder Inc, Strip 10
Free Kevin! and we finally know the answer to 'WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?"
Gop saves Kevin, but will Kevin be the same?

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