Fodder Inc, Chapter 3 (12 – 18)

Welcome to Chapter 3 of Fodder Inc, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired weekly web comic strip, focused on Gop the Goblin, and his co-workers in the dungeon.

The word is getting around that Azmodendak's isn't quite the push over it used to be.
Fodder Inc, #12. The word is getting around.
Join Gop and Kevin as they talk about the new medical policy at Fodder Inc
Strip # 13: Health Insurance
a coworker has caught Gop's eye
Strip #14: A magnificent beauty
Trophy Hunting can take many forms, including those that fall in your dungeon!
Strip #15; Trophy Hunters
Gop is having second thoughts about seeking Medical Attention
Strip #16: A Medical Emergency
Ever the expanding Busnessman, Daryl has set out with selling the wares of those who have fallen inside the dungeon
Strip #17: Asmodendak’s Bent and Dent.
Daryl expands the Bent and Dent, to the Quality Scrying Network
Strip 18: Scry and Buy

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