Fodder Inc Chapter 4 (19-24)

Welcome to Chapter 4 of Fodder Inc, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired weekly web comic strip, focused on Gop the Goblin, and his co-workers in the dungeon.

Kittie and... a "friend?" prepare to sit down with a good book
Strip #19: It’s a book in a box!
Gop shows Daryl the amazing new addition to the dungeon, that will make you wish an empty roll of TP was the only problem
Fodder Inc #20: Bathroom Hazards.
An unexpected guest arrives at the Halls of Madness
Strip #21 – An unexpected guest
Gop's mother is ready to put a mother's touch on the Halls of Madness
#22 A Mother’s Touch
While Gop is bemoaning his mother's visit, Daryl sees nothing but Lemonade
Fodder Inc #23 – Life and Lemons
Fodder Inc Chapter #4, Episodes 19 through 24.
#24: She Works Hard for the Money

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