Fodder Inc Chapter 5 (25 – 35)

With a lesson on what may have happened to Gop, what will they do?
Fodder Inc #35: How low can you go?
Kevin seems to have found the hero he needs
Fodder Inc #34: She’s my hero.
Kevin puts Daryl to the test as a crash barrier.
Fodder Inc #33: Crash Test Daryl
Kevin is freaking out, and he found.... Gop?
Fodder Inc #32: Kevin is freaking out, and he found…. Gop?
Kevin seems to have caught up with Kittie after Kittie handled the sprinklers
Fodder Inc #31: Run, Kevin, Run!
Daryl and Corporate tour the dungeon and assess what costs can be cut
Fodder Inc #30: Asset Assessment
Invasion of the Dungeon Snatchers
Fodder Inc#29: Invasion of the Dungeon Snatchers
Daryl needs some help from Gop to get his emotions control.
Fodder Inc #28: Something Corporate this way comes.
Fodder Inc #27: Never Trust a Kittie
Kevin: That guy at work that steals everyone's lunch
Fodder Inc #26 – In the Eye of the Beholder
Gop and Kevin are prepping the dungeon for expansion, when they peak behind Door #1
Fodder Inc #25 – Door #1?

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