Fodder Inc

Fodder Inc, a weekly web comic inspired by Dungeons & Dragons
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#39: Wait. Just who’s head is in that box? 

Head in a box? Who is the head in the box?
Fodder Inc #39: A box says what?

 Are you a fan of Fodder Inc? Are you a fan of Tabletop Board Games? Stay tuned, as we are prepping to announce something big! 

Welcome to Fodder Inc, a weekly Webcomic, brought to you by Foolish Media! Updated weekly, Fodder Inc is the story of Gop the Goblin, as he sets out to prove himself as the greatest Goblin hero you have ever heard of!

Previous Episodes: 

With Gop missing, Daryl begins to fear for the dungeon's traps.
Fodder Inc #38: Every trap needs a spring


Gop is a little lost in Limbo, and looking for friends. Do you remember his friend?
Fodder Inc #37: Hello Mister Bones


A couple of residents in Limbo are on the hunt.
#36: Scruffy Looking Gop Hunter.


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