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While Gop is bemoaning his mother's visit, Daryl sees nothing but Lemonade
Fodder Inc #23 – Life and Lemons

While Gop bemoans the visit from his mother, Daryl sees an excellent opportunity. 

Welcome to Fodder Inc, a weekly Webcomic, brought to you by Foolish Media! Updated weekly, Fodder Inc is the story of Gop the Goblin, as he sets out to prove himself as the greatest Goblin hero you have ever heard of!

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Gop's mother is ready to put a mother's touch on the Halls of Madness
#22 A Mother’s Touch
An unexpected guest arrives at the Halls of Madness
Strip #21 – An unexpected guest


Gop shows Daryl the amazing new addition to the dungeon, that will make you wish an empty roll of TP was the only problem
Fodder Inc #20: Bathroom Hazards.


Kittie and... a "friend?" prepare to sit down with a good book
Strip #19: It’s a book in a box!

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