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Fodder Inc, a weekly web comic inspired by Dungeons & Dragons
Current Strip: #127: Thoughts and Wishes

Kevin tells us about his crush
Fodder Inc #129: Thoughts and Wishes

It’s been 100 Episodes of Fodder Inc! 100 Strips, Episodes, and almost 300 panels of Daryl, Gop, Kevin and the Gang. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the first 100 Strips as much as we have. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Kickstarter! 

Fodder Inc is coming to Kickstarter! In 2021, Fodder Inc will be headed to Kickstarter, and you can bring the first 100 Strips home! Complete with Artist’s notes, Story Notes, and preliminary Sketches, The first TPB will be a sight to behold! 

Welcome to Fodder Inc, a weekly Webcomic, brought to you by Foolish Media! Updated weekly, Fodder Inc is the story of Gop the Goblin, as he sets out to prove himself as the greatest Goblin hero you have ever heard of!

Previous Episodes: 

kevin finally works up the courage to let his crush know what he thinks of her.
Fodder Inc #128: Charm… Monster?
Daryl seems to have friends like Sylvester and Wesley
Fodder Inc #125: So Much For The Seashells


Daryl Cant be bothered with details. Butwe knew that
Fodder Inc #126: The Big Picture
Leave it to Daryl to find another way to monetize the dungeon
Fodder Inc #125: A New Kind of Loot


Dwarves aren't as tough as they think
Fodder Inc #124: Kobolds, Spiders, or Lich?
Sir Byron Regales his Squire with tales from the dungeon
Fodder Inc #123: Sir Byron and his Squire


Daryl is not a smart man.
Fodder Inc #122: Rock Hard Hair
Traps, Manticores, nd a butchering
Fodder Inc #121: Simon The Butchered
Everybody wants to wear the boots
Fodder Inc #120: Nothing Fits


There seems to be a inequity in how the loot was distributed
Fodder Inc #119: Loot Distribution
Some Strikes are more violent than others.
Fodder Inc #118: When Orcs Strike


Fodder Inc #117: The Ultimate Intimidator
It's pretty obvious to see why Azmo is better off as a head, right?
Fodder Inc #116: Descent into Madness


Gop goes to a tailor, at tje request of Daryl.
Fodder Inc #115: Looking the Part
Bigger Bow, Bigger Boat, Bigger Arrows.
Fodder Inc #114: The Quint Philosophy


Kevin certainly has an interesting way of consuming Content
Fodder Inc #113: Spell Eater


Gop and Kevin take a minute to reflect on the new Sponsorship for the dungeon
Fodder Inc #112: Sponsored!
Apparently, Gop has never been around a warlock
Fodder Inc #111: Concentration Check


Daryl's Newest round of promotions for the Dungeon have been pretty bad.
Fodder Inc #110: Fashion Advice
Bloodtusk regales the tales of dungeon boss anctics
Fodder Inc #109: Stick to an Axe Fight


Sometimes, Looking For Group doesn't yield the best results
Fodder Inc #108: Sharpen The Hammers
Samuel seems to have split the party
Fodder Inc #107: Death in the Party


Sometimes you need to hire a Hero, to get the job done
Fodder Inc #106:
“Heroes” For Hire
Daryl gets back in the swing of running a dungeon.
Fodder Inc #105: Profit and Losses


It seems to have been a harrowing few weeks for Daryl
Fodder Inc #104: Daryl and the Beast
You wouldn't like Jenny when she's angry
Fodder Inc #103: Mean and Green


Why would Jenny dig Daryl out of the tower, if she brought it down?
Fodder Inc #102: Deeply Apologetic.
well, Its safe to say that a dragon's breath blast to a tower will fail inspection
Fodder Inc #101: Inspection Failed


Apparently, Jenny had an Ex who isn't fond of Daryl breaking the curse?
Fodder Inc #100: Especially Observant
Apparently, Jenny had an Ex who isn't fond of Daryl breaking the curse?
Fodder Inc #99: Failed Dex Save


Daryl, blinded by all the Gold, is blindsided by Jenny's Desire to show off a dungeon
Fodder Inc #98: All that Shimmers really is Gold


Scaring a dragon is always a bad idea.
Fodder Inc #97: Burned Countryside
Smitten by his very presence, Jenny seems to be having a hard time concentrating on what Daryl is actually saying.
Fodder Inc #96: Charmed, by a Person


You've never seen a group so happy to be back in a dungeon
Fodder Inc #95: Dungeons & Goblins
It seems like there is no end to what the Doctor can hold in his cloak.
Cloak of Holding


So, Azmo was inside the Doctor's Hood, but does that mean he's the Doctor?
Fodder Inc #93: Azmo, Hide and Seek Champion
Gop comes to the realization that they forgot Azmodendak.
Fodder Inc #92: Kevin!


Of course eating that much would surely settle around your hips
Fodder Inc #91: It’s All In The Hips
What kind of plan could Gop and the Gentleman be hatching?
Fodder Inc #90: Jenny from the Inc?


Gop seems to be a little down in the dumps.
Fodder Inc #89: Relatable Blues
Do you think that Daryl is going to convince her to "Work", in the Dungeon?
Fodder Inc #88: Honey, I’m Home!
daryl is the assistant to the manager now. But at what cost?
Fodder Inc; Merry Christmas, 2020
It appears that Jenny has secured the best attorney a dragon hoard can buy to sevure the release of Daryl
Fodder Inc #87: “Giant” in the field


Daryl confronts Jenny about the Treasure Horde
Fodder Inc #86: Making Ends Meet
Two Guards, eager to watch Daryl get eaten by a Dragon are more mortified than they thought they'd be.
Fodder Inc #85: Color Commentary
She's got a what, now?
Fodder Inc #84: Cooties are Curses


It seems that Azmo has plans, and plans, and orders for plans.
Fodder Inc #83: The (in)Sidious Protocol
I think Daryl Wishes he had started running.
Fodder Inc #82: Run, Daryl, Run!


Who keeps messing with Daryl? He's no Mage, right?
Fodder Inc #81: Snakes and Dragons
Oh boy, Cursed Ex Wives aren't really good for your health.
Fodder Inc #80: Ex’s… they haunt you


Wait... If the Castle Burnt down, and there's a curse...
Fodder Inc #79: Curses, Castles, and Burns
Azmo and Daryl don't seem to see eye to eye about how Daryl has lived his live
Fodder Inc #78: Who can I turn to?


There will be no need for cuffs for this arrest.
Fodder Inc #77: Don’t Lose Your Head (Raiding The Dungeon III)
While Gop works to fix a trap, the guards use entarpment to snag another Suspect.
Fodder Inc #76: Raiding the Dungeon II: Gop Got Got(ti’d)


Maybe the Tub is a Mimic, and can help Daryl Escape
Fodder Inc #75: Raiding the Dungeon
It's always the taxes that end up getting them.
Foolish Media: #74: Got(ti) Them


This week's adventurer's prove that adventuring has no limits
#73: Snakes, Cats, and Wheels, Oh my!
It's apparent that Daryl is not a rogue.
Fodder Inc #72: Check for Traps


Azmodendak's Halls of Madness: The Dungeon that doesn't pay you back.
Fodder Inc #71: Priceless
Foolish Media #70: Porta Cattus
Foolish Media #70: Porta Cattus


Kevin and Gop talk about their MARVELous journeys
Fodder Inc #69: Kevin’s Marvelous Journey
MR Gbast sets about hiring new denizens of the dungeons
Fodder Inc #68: Through the Halls and Flames


The Town Crier brings you Breaking News from the dungeon
Fodder Inc #67: Breaking News!
Gbast returns from his meeting to find that he has a visitor waiting in his office.
Fodder Inc #66: The Office


Until that moment, it didn't dawn on Gop that Azmo had no hands.
Fodder Inc #65: Oblivious
Azmo has to explain, that not even wizards give away all of their secrets.
Fodder Inc #64: Azmo, the Magnificent.
Daryl and Gop seem to have found themselves trying to out run denizens of another dungeon
Fodder Inc #63: Dungeon Run 2.0
Mr Gbast has to clarify that Goblins in fact, do not grow on trees
Fodder Inc #62: Goblins and Treants


Remember Gbast? Looks like he is in a hot spot right now.
Fodder Inc #61: A Hot Spot
I hear that you don't instantly die in space. Maybe I can ask Gop and Daryl
Fodder Inc #60: A Goblin Sized Leap
We at Foolish Media are taking the week off to stand next to our Black Brothers and Sisters during this trying time. #BlackLivesMatter
Gop and Daryl are just a hair late to witness Time Travel
Fodder Inc #59: a Freaking Delorean?!


As Daryl and Gop discuss the Frisbee, it's owner's find them.
Fodder Inc #58: Close Encounters of the Gop Kind


Gop and Daryl find themselves... somewhere that isn't home
Fodder Inc #57: This ain’t Kansas


The blood and the Compass have sent Daryl and Gop on a cosmic journey
Fodder Inc #56: The Final Frontier
That Sacrifice, seems less scary now, right?
#55: Just a Scratch.


It seems that Gop may have a plan to get them home. But at what cost?
#54 …a What Now?


Daryl gets interrogated by Gop, as he begs for Daryl to take him home
Fodder Inc #53: The Interrogator and the Interrogated


It seems that Gop has had all of this place that he can stand, and is ready to leave.
Fodder Inc #52: Time To Go.


Poor Daryl doesn't even recognize his favorite employee
Fodder Inc #51: The Apprentice (You Idiot)


As the head in the box works its magic, Daryl meets up with a long lost relative.
Fodder Inc #50: Family Reunion.


That hairy guy has the head in the box... How?
Fodder Inc #49: 2 Heads are better than 1.
Where in the world did Daryl find end up? Who is that guy?
Fodder Inc #48


Somewhere, a tribe of hunters await a great beast, in masks of their chief.
Fodder INC #47


Daryl and Ferrellus have a heart to heart
Fodder Inc #46 – 2 Men, 1 Box
#45: Deep in the Cups


#44: Getting the Drop
What exactly is Daryl doing?
#43: Under the Cover of Night.


It looks like the head in the box was right, Daryl did give up. Can anything save the dungeon?
#42: Azmodendak’s Abandoned Loot Pinata
At this point, it seems that Kevin may be Daryl's only friend...
#41: Frien…enemies?


It appears that the good "doctor" may be in cahoots with a box, and a kittie.
#40: The doctor is in… cahoots.


Head in a box? Who is the head in the box?
Fodder Inc #39: A box says what?


With Gop missing, Daryl begins to fear for the dungeon's traps.
Fodder Inc #38: Every trap needs a spring


Gop is a little lost in Limbo, and looking for friends. Do you remember his friend?
Fodder Inc #37: Hello Mister Bones


A couple of residents in Limbo are on the hunt.
#36: Scruffy Looking Gop Hunter.

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