Fodder Inc

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Corporate has arrived,and it’s Daryl’s worst nightmare. 

Daryl and Corporate tour the dungeon and assess what costs can be cut
#30: Asset Assessment

Are you a fan of Fodder Inc? Are you a fan of Tabletop Board Games? Stay tuned, as we are prepping to announce something big! 

Welcome to Fodder Inc, a weekly Webcomic, brought to you by Foolish Media! Updated weekly, Fodder Inc is the story of Gop the Goblin, as he sets out to prove himself as the greatest Goblin hero you have ever heard of!

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Invasion of the Dungeon Snatchers
#29: Invasion of the Dungeon Snatchers
Daryl needs some help from Gop to get his emotions control.
#28: Something Corporate this way comes.
#27: Kittie and the portal.
Kevin: That guy at work that steals everyone's lunch
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Gop and Kevin are prepping the dungeon for expansion, when they peak behind Door #1
Fodder Inc #25 – Door #1?



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