Introducing: Fodder Inc!

Have you ever wondered how a dungeon operated? You don’t think that all those “bad guys” just happened to group together in one area, did you?

Fodder Inc is our upcoming Web Comic, where we will follow the adventures of newly hired Gop, the Goblin, as he navigates the inner workings of a dungeon, in a quest to be the greatest goblin hero!

Gob, The Goblin, and someone's hero
Gop, the Goblin

Along the way, you’ll also meet some of the people that work at Fodder INC, with young Gop, including this guy:

Mr Gbast, the Infernal Devil that runs HR
Mr Gbast, the Infernal Bureaucrat of Human Resources

Stay tuned, as we get closer to launching this hilarious comic strip about life in a dungeon from the other side.

Fodder Inc will debut later this month, right here, on Foolish Media!