Kickstarter News! 25% Funded, and a Stretch Goal!

Well thank you guys for being awesome! We have now crossed 25% funding, as well as our first Social Stretch Goal, with 75 Followers on Instagram.

Everyone who backs the campaign will now get 1 copy of Sucker Punch!

Sucker Punch! A Promo Attack card for Oh Cluck!

There are still 3 more levels of that stretch goal to go, potentially pushing the number of Sucker Punches Backers can receive to 4.

And, we are closing in on 25 backers here on Kickstarter, which will trigger Everyone getting a copy of Tyler, our Promo Party Fowl.

Thanks again everyone, for working with us so far to make a great campaign. As an added bonus, Here are two preview images of cards from the Eggspansion, Available through the Kickstarter!

An Attack, Rooster, and Party Fowl from the Eggspansion Two new Attack cards from the Eggspansion