Kickstarter News, and Card Previews!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to all of our backers so far, the Oh Cluck! Kickstarter Campaign is nearing the halfway point, and we are about halfway funded!

So far, we have two Stretch Goals unlocked:

Sucker Punch, the Instagram Social Stretch Goal

Sucker Punch, our Instagram Stretch Goal, has been unlocked at the first tier. (readers of the site may have seen this already)

Tyler, our super secret Party Fowl

And, since we achieved 25 backers on Kickstarter, every backer gets a copy of Tyler, our Promo Party Fowl. This is pretty serious, since we have kept Tyler pretty close to the vest, and only given him to people who have met a Fool out and about.

A host of new cards from the Eggspansion!

We have also had Ray hard at work finishing up the rest of the art for the Eggspansion! Here are a couple of the new cards, as well as the new art for an old card: Kung Pow!

With 17 days in the campaign there is still plenty of time to back the game, and get in on the Barnyard Brawl for it All!