Meet the Roosters: Lil’ Jerry

Name: Lil’ Jerry (“Jerry”)
Fighting Style: Being the master of both his and others domains

What’s the deal with Lil’ Jerry? Folks are wondering how a rooster so small made it into the competition. Whenever anyone makes comments about his stature though he just starts screaming about how he was in the pool. When he’s not doing that it’s really hard to hear him say anything, so much so that you might think him a low-talker. But he really is a stand up guy.

Jerry’s motives in the competition aren’t really clear. One moment he plans to parlay his winnings into soup and the next he plans to open a Festivus superstore. We’re not sure what that means. We do know however that despite some of his erratic behavior, Jerry is possessed of a very real serenity in any given moment.