Oh Cluck!

Oh Cluck! is Foolish Media’s debut property. In this Dual Deck Card Game, You and your friends will fill your coop full of Roosters (and their friends) and then duke it out to see which one of you will reign supreme over the Barnyard.

To learn more about the cards, keep reading! If you know about the cards, and are looking for rules on how to play the game, click here. 

Oh Cluck! has 6 Card Types.
Party Fowls


Roosters are found in the Green backed deck.

Each Rooster has 3 key components:

Feathers are the health of your Rooster. It’s how much damage your rooster can take from Attacks prior to being defeated, and being added to a victory pile . Do try and keep from losing feathers. Not much is as humiliating as ending up in a can of soup.

Eggs, are what you need to win. Some Roosters have quite a few, some “Roosters”, not as many. But, if you defeat a rooster, Add those eggs to your Basket. If you are the last Rooster standing, you get those eggs as well!

Each rooster has an Ability, that brings a bit more chaos to the barnyard. But pick your moment, these abilities are only usable once per game


Attack cards are in the action deck, and have a red border. If you’re looking to deliver a round of pain and agony, with a side of special sauce, these are the cards you’re after.

In the Nuggets, an attack from Foolish Media's Oh Cluck!

So, What’s in an attack? They’re pretty straight forward. You have the strength of the Attack, and how the attack is dealt.

In the Nuggets allows you to crush your target’s giblets for 4.  For most Roosters, In the Nuggets is the end of their time in the fight, unless they’re prepared with a…


A Chicken Dancin’ Pig! You heard me! Everyone loves the chicken Dance, regardless of species.

Chicken Dance is one of the Dodge Cards found in Oh Cluck! the debut card game from Foolish Media LLC

Dodges not only keep your Rooster’s feathers in place, but they could have another power. The power to “moove” that attack on to another a Rooster who may be less prepared for a shot to the Nuggets.

Dodges mean you need to be on your claws at all times. Chicken Dance can even mean you end up hitting yourself.


Specials are truly special cards. They have the ability to really ruffle feathers, and get Roosters squawking!

With His Head Cut Off, a Special Type Card from Oh Cluck! Foolish Media's debut party game

Sometimes, the best offense is a chicken that lost it’s head! Potentially allowing a player to play up to 4 attacks at once,  …With His Head Cut Off, is the kind of Special Card that leaves a mark on the game.


Sometimes, the best offense, is reminding a Rooster that they can’t fly.

Chickens Don't Fly, a Counter Card from the Oh Cluck! Party Game from Foolish Media LLC

Counters nix the funny business that can erupt. That makes them about as rare as a Unicorns, and just as magical!

Party Fowl

No, we’re not talking about some party foul fashion faux pas in Hollywood.

Noodle Soup, The Faux Pas you want to commit!

We’re talking Party Fowls, the most awesome, rule breaking, game changing, not counter-able, fun times that you can have with pretend chickens, in a pretend fight, happening at a table among friends!