Cluck! The FAQ!

Welcome to the official FAQ for Oh Cluck!
We will attempt to answer some of the more “odd” timing questions that can come up during a game, right here.

Roosters (1)

Short Answer: No, they will draw back to 5 at the end of the turn.

Long Answer: To make sure that someone wasn’t able to be whittled down to 3 cards in their hand (and being a sitting duck instead of a fighting rooster), we designed Clubber to just take a card, not reduce the hand size as well.

Category: Roosters

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Attack Cards (1)

Short Answer: Just like a boxing match, damage adds up over time.  Each turn your Rooster can take damage, and as long as the total damage they’ve taken doesn’t exceed their health, keep fighting.

Long Answer:  Your Rooster is going to take damage from time to time. Attacks range in value from 1 to 4. Any Attack that isn’t dodged / cancelled, will deal damage to your Rooster. Keep track of that damage by simply keeping the Attack Cards with your Rooster. When the total damage your Rooster has taken meets or exceeds their Health (feathers), they are defeated, and go to the Egg Basket of the player who is responsible for their demise.

Category: Attack Cards

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Dodge Cards (1)

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: Waffle is a Dodge Card. You cannot Dodge a Dodge. Alternatively, you could use Chickens Don’t Fly, or if the Damage from Waffle were to kill your Rooster, Juiced as ways to cancel / thwart a Waffle

Category: Dodge Cards

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Counter Cards (1)

Short Answer: Anything that would remove your active Rooster from the game, including Damage and Specials.

Long Answer: All of the following would count.

  • Damage from an Attack that would kill your Rooster
  • Damage from Waffle that would kill your Rooster
  • Hen in the House
  • The General’s Special Ability
  • etc…
Category: Counter Cards

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Special Cards (2)

Short Answer: Anything that is considered a Special.

Long Answer: Voodoo Chicken can cancel a Rooster Ability if it’s labeled as “SPECIAL”, as well as any Special in the action deck (the Special Cards are Purple). Voodoo Chicken can even cancel that pesky boneless your opponent got to play on you a couple of turns ago.

Category: Special Cards

Short Answer: The Controller of the Rooster who has been deboned.

Long Answer: Boneless Stipulates that the player’s hand size is reduced, and that they must discard a card, but does not stipulate that the discard has to be random, or that the hand is revealed.

Category: Special Cards

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Party Fowl Cards (1)

Long Answer: Party Fowls are cards that break the rules. They do things that aren’t found anywhere Else.

In the Case of Noodle Soup, when your Rooster dies, You can immediately play Noodle Soup from your hand. He comes into play as your Active Rooster, meaning you don’t have to use a Rooster from your Coop, helping you stick around to be the last Rooster standing.

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