PayDay’s Journal 22 – Really good at the wrong things

So I was back from the dead and I told my friends a story of family and was just trying to sleep, I mean almost dying does that to you. And we were just there trying to rest after the events of the evening. And it all went sideways again. There was shouting coming out of the woods from the direction that the orcs had come and we were tired of being beat all to hell by things in the woods.

I wanted to move to the city. Maybe open an inn or a brothel. I can have some fun too I suppose. But that’s neither here nor there. We had much more pressing matters to attend to. Whoever was shooting at us out of the trees. We moved into the woods and worked to try and engage and in the process, from somewhere out of the trees came an arrow right into Shojin’s shoulder. Some bipedal, humanoid was shooting out of the darkness. It was one thing to go down in battle protecting my friends and it was another thing altogether for them to shoot my friends.

I went ahead and had Muninn harry my newest foe who had already taken a shot from feign and knew then that death has a toll and a death knell was ringing. And down he went in a heap. This was when we found out that there were two others, who hadn’t clearly seen what was going on. Another of these night time terrors shot at us from the cover of the trees and was dispatched nearly as quickly. And this would have been about the time we heard someone call out from off in the distance… in common. Crap.

So now it came to just being quick. Z was encouraged to just thump the last guy with her hammer, which she did and we then took a quick second to clean up the scene and called out for those in the trees to reveal themselves. At which point we found ourselves in a standoff of sorts for a brief moment with what appeared to be… farmers. By the gods, what madness was this?

It seemed they were out hunting the orcs that had raided their camp earlier in the evening. Sounded familiar to what we encountered. We convinced them that it was the same orcs that killed their men that we in turn also killed. And that we could bring one of their bows as proof of their killing the farmer Zeb’s man. And somehow they bought it.

Feeling a bit guilty about being kind of amazing at fixing a crime scene I volunteered us to hunt these orcs down that Shojin seemed to be developing a violent feeling towards. He was willing to hurt them, but at the same time felt they were worth a proper orc funeral pyre. I could not reckon those two disparate thoughts, let alone that he was willing to inflict any sort of violence on anyone or anything.

Before we were able to do anything, one of the bodies was missing and we tracked it off the other side of the road and it was pointing off into the trees. Almost directly above it was a Raven that just sat there laughing at us. At least that was my take away. This had to be another sign from the lady. I refrained from running off into the trees again when Shojin gave his word he would go with me in the morning.

I confronted him about his ideas for the treatment of these orcs, something about slaver’s and their treatment of the woman who raised him, and after some exchanged words, he committed himself giving them a burial befitting his people. Which seemed unrealistic and ridiculous to me but thankfully once he established that he didn’t have time to give them a proper send off he was forced to just put some stones on them outside of the camplight. And with that we were ready to turn in for the night. But I had a simple thing to do before I turned in for the night.

I snuck off into the trees and made three of the four orcs smell like fresh carrion. Just helping the natural processes deal with some trash was all, and it wasn’t like Shojin would ever know.