PayDay’s Journal 6 – The marketplace

Well we arrived in Dillard, and within the first day we were totally screwed. We found ourselves in the main marketplace, and Fayne went off on some errand to try and find some smoked glass goggles because Drow for those that don’t know have an incredible aversion, almost allergy, to direct sunlight. It really hurts their eyes. While she went off in search of this Shiojin was looking for some herbs to season his food, and he did ask if there was anything that would make goblins taste better, because apparently that’s a thing.

As he was shopping this little pencil pushing turd was going around and shaking down the merchants for “taxes”. But being as I am, I know a shakedown when I see it and it infuriates me to see the masses subjugated in such a way.

As we worked our way around the marketplace this little fool had circled around behind us and was listening in and after Shojin made a purchase he swooped in to harass us. He wanted to see our shopping permits. We inquired about the shopping permits as we were new in town and had no knowledge of such a thing.

Z was having none of this and was preparing to squash this fool like the bug that he was but I made the mistake of staying her hand. While she was preparing to do this he was slowing raising what appeared to be a rape whistle to his mouth. He relaxed but still retained hold of his whistle.

I explained that we were only wandering the marketplace but had purchased nothing to which he pointed to Shojin having made a purchase and further explaining that we need a permit to even browse. This infuriated me and I was having none of it. You don’t shake down the populace. Period. But he had explained that he worked for the magistrate, which was who we were there to see.

I told him at that point he might want to go ahead and blow his little whistle. And so he did.

Now this is where I should probably point out that as we travelled Shojin and I had been discussing a plan to strike fear in our enemies that made use of his illusions. The idea was that if you could instill fear in your enemies then that would eliminate the need for a fight. Makes sense when you are a six and a half foot half-orc, but when you are just under three feet then there was some question as to what the final effect would be. But since we had never had a chance to test it, I figured why not. So I gave Shojin the sign to do it and he cast his spell, and anchored it on my clothes.

I looked utterly terrifying. Covered in weapons and viscera from prior foes. As the guards made their way through the crowd all of them and the whistle bitch, Davison was his name I would come to find out later, all cowered in fear, but still did some degree of their job and we were all under arrest.

Which suited me just fine. We would see the magistrate at the trial. Eventually.