Fill In the Game, Kickstarter Relaunch!

The Kickstarter for the smash hit Fill in the Game is now live!

The Kickstarter Relaunch for the award winning party game  Fill in the Game, created by Bradley Boothe, and designed in conjunction with Foolish Media LLC, is scheduled!  On Tuesday, November 5th, 2019!

UPDATE:  Thank you to all of our backers, we have funded! Let’s get a few stretch goals funded as well! 

What has changed:

Funding Goal:

We here at Foolish Media have taken a step back to reevaluate what we want this company to be. We know we are not a big company. We are four friends who love stuff. Games, Comics, Movies, Fun. Ultimately that means that our goal is not about attempting to make the most money. Instead, we are focused on getting our creations into the hands of other people. Because, truly, nothing brings us more joy.

To that end, we are not looking to make our campaign about meeting the minimum order to produce our games in mass quantity. We want you to have the games, comics, and other content that we create. We’re confident in the quality of our products, and are happy to see them made and put into your hands, while we build this company. In a way, more like a boutique. We’re confident that while this approach means that we are smaller than other game companies, it keeps us moving forward.

Sure, some people will say that this is approach is foolish, and not a way to build a company. What can we say, we’re Foolish Media.

Stretch Goals:
We added Stretch Goals from the very start!

Goal #1– WE DID IT! Congratulations, We funded! As a thank you to each and every backer,  upon reaching $1025, we will print the name of each of our backers (unless they don’t want to be) inside the Tuck Box of Fill in the Game.

Goal #2 Upgraded Cards. If we reach this stretch goal, we will be upgrading the quality of the cards to include an “Embossed” Card finish, that creates a subtle texture to the cards that allows for easier shuffling, handling, and overall ruggedness of the cards.


As we did with Oh Cluck, we are going to Self Fulfill this Kickstarter upon completion. Without going too deep into the weeds, by doing this part ourselves, we are able to tell you up front how much shipping costs are going to be, and we are going to handle getting the rewards shipped out to the backers. We were able to handle this with no major issues the first time around, and we see no reason why we need to add additional costs to the Kickstarter to have someone else handle it for us.


We can’t wait to see you on the 5th! 

The Fools at Origins!

Origins Map, Find the Fools!
The Fools are ready for the big reveal of Oh Cluck!

The Fools are going to be at Booth 439, and are excited for the world to see Oh Cluck!

If you haven’t heard the news, Kickstarter Backers will be able to pick up their product at Origins, which also means… If you missed the chance to back on Kickstarter, you can buy Oh Cluck!, and the Eggspansion at Origins!

Meet the Roosters: Eggbert

Eggbert is the smartest Rooster to be found in Oh Cluck! The debut game from Foolish media LLC

Name: Eggbert (“NERD!!”)
Fighting Style: Krav Ba-Caw

Raised on the mean streets of the chosen ones, Eggbert is no stranger to violence. Being smaller than all the other Roosters meant that Eggbert needed to learn early and often how to protect himself and he set his beautiful mind to the task.

Employing some of Albert Eggstein’s theories, on Chicken Relativity, he knows that E=MC2 really just means that he is easily an equal to any of the other musclebound jerks in the competition.

He welcomes the challenge of competition and was last seen looking for Monster when he showed up in the barnyard of picking a fight with the biggest opponent. We hope he’s OK.

Meet The Roosters: Monster

Monster, the biggest Rooster you've ever laid eyes on!

Name: Monster
Fighting Style:  Stomping, Smashing, Utter Destruction.

Monster was the littlest chick that had ever been born. Thinking he wasn’t long for this world, the farmer took him to the barn, and started giving him some experimental feed.  A few days later, The barn was leveled, and it took a a small army to contain the… “Little” guy.

I saw Peatah try and whack him with that sign of his once. Poor fool looked like he’d been plucked clean for dinner after the stompin’ Monster gave him.

Meet the Roosters: Salmonella

Salmonella, A rooster from the Party Game Oh Cluck!

Name: Salmonella (Sal)
Fighting Style:  Shaolin Kung Fu, Specializing in Wu Du Shou (The Hand of Five Poisons)

We call him Sal for short. No one knows what his real name, just that he blew in to the barnyard a couple weeks back nursing a busted wing, and looking for a chance at “redemption”.

It’s hard to get the drop on Sal. Word is, Pollo Loco went right for his Nuggets in a brawl a few days back, and before anyone knew what had happened, Ol’ Loco was facedown in the dust, a little worse for wear.