The Oh Cluck Kickstarter is funded! You did it!

Wow. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

The Oh Cluck! Kickstarter is now fully funded, and we are marching on towards our first monetary stretch goal!

You guys have been awesome. Truly, unbelievably awesome.

So, here are some of the new Roosters (and a dirty Pirate) that are finalized for the Eggspansion. They have a few friends that will be joining them, and we will be showing them to you VERY SOON. 

Did you know Pirates called Eggs Cacklefruit? You do now!
Balut is excited to brawl he hasn't even finished hatching!
Eagle is a very proud bird. So very proud
00399 is the Eggsellent Secret Agent you want.
Sugar is ready to celebrate the life of a fallen Rooster
Janis is really into recycling
Murray digs his way to victory!
Santa Claws brings presents for all the good Roosters and Hens.
Harvey proves you don't need to be a Chicken to love Eggs
Mother Goose wants to protect the Coop.