Meet the Roosters: Clubber

Name: Clubber
Fighting Style: Jibber Jabber (whatever that means)

Clubber is one of the best trash talkers in the competition and he has on more than one occasion been heard to say that he does in fact “pity the fowl”. His aggressive commentary is matched by his prowess in the competition and capacity to use his variation on The Sweet Science. Despite all this to get him to the competition from across the country he had to be drugged for the flight.

That said, word round the barnyard is that he was a bit of a B.A. mercenary in a past life and that if you have a problem and no other Rooster can help, if you can find him and the eggs are right, then maybe you can hire him. But that’s just barnyard banter. And if that is the case, he may just have a heart of gold, which works out since he is devoted to the Golden Rule “The Rooster with the Gold…Rules”.