Meet the Roosters: Hawk

Name: Hawk
Fighting Style: Sambo

Hawk is always so amped up it’s hard not to get nervous just talking to him. He turned it up to 11 and ripped off the knob. However he wasn’t always this way. When he first showed up on the farm he was looking for the father he never knew. All he knew was that this mystery Rooster might be in the competition, though how he knew that is another mystery all together. He allied himself with the Commodore who said he could help find him.

Rumor is that the Commodore has Hawk on “something” to keep him always amped up and ready throw down. And when those throw downs happen, it is a true spectacle to behold. Hawk moves so fast in his brawls that his opponents strikes rarely land. It’s like he’s a blur of feathers and claws. We hope it is all the actions of a child just trying to impress their parent. Either way, we hope he finds what he’s looking for.