Meet the Roosters: Schwartz

Name: Schwartz (Nickname: “The Roostahnator”)
Fighting Style: The 800 Feathers of Termination

Schwartz hails from the mountains of Austria by way of the west coast and was flown into the event by the General to help him pump up the morale of his coop of troops. Prior to the event he made his living as an actor in poultry commercials and is a hated member of his species for selling out. In spite of this, with his chiseled features and bodily perfection every Rooster wants to be him and every Hen wants to be with him. He’s shown up determined to help further his benefactor’s agenda, so the pay must be amazing.

It is no real surprise that Schwartz has got a reputation for infidelity and it’s rumored that his secret motivation for joining this event was to reconnect with his illegitimate son, but nobody seems sure of just who that might be and he doesn’t seem to be telling. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of this tournament of champions and we hope to learn the truth before everything is said and done. We wish him well and hope that if there is a second tournament that he will be back.