Meet the Roosters: The General

Name: The General (formerly “El Presidente”)
Fighting Style: Capoeira

The General longs for his time back on his plantation deep in the Costa Rican rainforest. He arrived here to less than approving response. Every morning he can be seen standing in front of the American Flag painted on the side of the barn staring off into the distance with an almost confused look on his face. Nobody seems to know why he chooses to park there. What little is known is that he was forced into exile under some “mysterious” circumstances. Hearing him speak of his past often leaves the listener filled with more questions than answers.

What everyone does know is that he has a serious problem with The Commodore. There is some speculation that The General is getting some “special” feed for those allied with him in his fight. Having considered the matter done with after his prior beating of The Commodore, The General has decided that it is time to finish matters once and for all and if the barnyard gets destroyed in the process that is an acceptable loss. We hope that someone is able to stop these two before things are too far gone.