Meet the Roosters: The Reverend

Name: The Reverend (Nickname: “Rev”)
Fighting Style: Quiet Guilt

Brothers and sisters, join us in welcoming The Reverend to the brawl for it all. Underneath the sparkling and pristine facade, The Reverend is filled to overflowing with the “spirits”. Sometimes heard speaking of the afterlife and sometimes speaking of his own resurrection, The Reverend is bombastic outside of the fight and barely speaks above a whisper inside them. Though he claims to be here on mission work all his collections of “alms for the poor” only ever seem to go to communion wine he’s seen drinking between the fights. Every morning, seen on a chicken crate condemning those who participate in the day’s events prior to his own competing, some doubt his sincerity. Despite all this, his determination is unfazed.

Perhaps it is just that The Reverend is misunderstood and he’s not being given a fair shake and bake. Everyone is starting to wonder if maybe he is less than the altruistic Rooster he pretends to be. Do any of us have the right to judge though? Of course in the world we live in and given the negativity in the world, maybe The Rev is just the rooster we need to lead us into the land of buttermilk biscuits and honey.